In need of a trusted Miami dental implants professional who will address your tooth loss and restore your beautiful smile? Dr. Javier Andrade and his dental practice offer safe and effective dental implants that are guaranteed to give you stronger teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Dental Implant Consultation

Your initial consultation is important in determining if a dental implant procedure is ideal for you. While dental implants are recommended for people with several or all missing teeth, only patients with proper bone density and a strong immune system can undergo the procedure.

Dr. Andrade examines your teeth, evaluates the health of your gums, bone density and quantity through our latest digital imaging technology: the SIRONA XG 3D and Galileos Implant Planning software. This state-of-the-art equipment aids Dr. Andrade in determining if there is sufficient bone structure for the implants. In addition, it speeds up the procedure and boosts its effectiveness as it accurately shows where the implants should be placed.

Our Miami dental implants professional will then educate you on the treatment’s length and results and the anesthesia options for the procedure.

Dental Implant Placement and 3D Cone Beam Technology

The expertise of our dentist is the key factor in providing the kind of dental implant Miami patients need. During dental implant placement, Dr. Andrade carefully prepares the jaw for the implant. Once the jaw bone is prepared, the implant is installed to serve as an artificial tooth root. After this, you have to wait for a maximum of six months for the healing process to take place. When the gum tissue is finally ready, a tooth post is placed to support the artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is then cemented over the post to function as a natural tooth.

Javier Andrade Dental Care is one of the first Dental Practices in Miami Dade County to have its own cone beam CT scanner. Cone beam CT technology has wide ranging applications particularly in dental implant therapy. Our CT scanner provides us with three dimensional images of a patient’s jaws and allows for pre-surgical treatment planning and virtual surgery resulting in safe and precise implant placement. This allows us to dramatically shorten surgical time thereby reducing post-operative pain and swelling. In some cases, teeth may be placed on the implants on the same day of surgery due to the information gathered from pre-operative computer planning.

In addition to its uses in implant therapy, our CT scanner is useful in planning jaw reconstructive surgerytrauma surgeryTMJ diagnosis and surgery, as well as complex pathology cases. Radiation exposure from cone-beam CT scanners is significantly less than from hospital grade CT scanners. The amount of radiation exposure is often less than from a full-mouth dental series. In addition, CT scans performed in our facility are typically significantly less expensive than those performed in hospitals or imaging centers.



After the surgery, our dentist provides maintenance care and assists you in preserving your implants through prescriptions and specific instructions. Rest assured, we do our best to help you enjoy a fast recovery with minimal pain and discomfort.

Restore your smile by getting the dental implant Miami patients deserve through Dr. Andrade and his staff. For appointments, contact us at (305) 220-1866.