Miami Dental Veneers

dental_veneers_picAdvanced dental procedures have made achieving a perfect smile possible for any patient today. Thanks to veneers and CEREC technology, people with chipped, cracked, or stained teeth can now enjoy a celebrity-like smile.  Javier Andrade D.D.S. Dental Care offers you these services and the expertise of Miami veneers professional Dr. Javier Andrade so you can have that lasting beautiful smile.

Veneers are thin shells of either porcelain or composite bonding capped on the tooth to improve its appearance. These are designed to correct the shape and discoloration of the affected teeth and close the gaps between them. In preventive dentistry, veneers are used as a protective layer of a damaged tooth.

While veneers produce dramatic and lasting results, the procedure normally takes two to three appointments to finish. However, through our practice’s advanced CEREC technology, you can have the kind of veneers Miami patients deserve in just a single appointment!

Single Appointment Veneers with CEREC

The CEREC technology is an innovative system that enables dentists to capture digital images of teeth and convert them to 3D computerized models to be used as a guide for designing the veneers. CEREC’s onsite milling machine allows the dentist to design and fabricate veneers within minutes, making the procedure remarkably faster than conventional methods.

dental_veneers_pic2Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy due to our Single Appointment Veneers with CEREC procedure:

  • A single dental visit saves you both time and energy from the usual three dental appointments.
  • No laboratory work and zero lab fees involved, which entail reduced expenses for the patient. This also means better results since our Miami veneers professional is the one fully in charge of making your veneers as opposed to a lab technician who hasn’t even seen you.
  • ¬†Virtually no waiting time. When you come in our office, you can step out with your new and beautiful smile after just a few hours!

Experience an exceptional smile makeover at our dental care office. Visit us today to have the kind of veneers Miami patients can depend on for a beautiful white smile!