If you are looking for superior Miami cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Javier Andrade’s office can provide you the with quality care that you deserve. It is our goal to provide the best cosmetic dentistry Miami has to offer. We do this by mastering a comprehensive list of oral examinations and procedures, and ensuring each visit is as comfortable and as painless as possible.

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that not only focuses on the appearance of your teeth and mouth, but also aims to improve your quality of life. You may not know it, but there are basic dental services that are classified under cosmetic dentistry. Miami dental patients often go to the dentist for basic cosmetic services like whitening, dental bridges and veneers.

As a premier clinician knowledgeable in Miami cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Andrade believes that an informed patient makes better decisions about their oral health. Dr. Andrade makes it a point to always educate his patients about their dental health and he also makes sure that proper oral hygiene is maintained. And because of his work in cosmetic dentistry, Miami-based Dr. Andrade knows from experience that improper oral maintenance is half the problem, which is why he believes in preventive dentistry.

We offer various services in cosmetic dentistry Miami patients can choose from, ranging from basic everyday services like teeth whitening to major restorative techniques like dental implants, which can improve your oral function and image.

We offer whitening services that are guaranteed to be more effective and safer than most home-based whitening products. Our whitening services are performed in-house, with guarantees that your teeth and gums will remain safe throughout the process. We also offer Invisalign for Miami cosmetic dentistry patients who wish for straight and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

As quality practitioners of Miami cosmetic dentistry, we also offer dental bridges and implants to prevent your jawbone from weakening and to restore natural oral functions. For patients with gum problems, we provide them with ridge augmentation and gum lifts. Dr. Andrade and his team of highly-skilled and well-trained staff are sure to give you the dental support you need.